Indiantown Realty is strongly focused on relocation services

Moving ?

Indiantown Realty Corp® offers a full staff dedicated to relocation for moving in or out of Treasure Coast area of Florida. Our relocation director matches clients with agents based upon specific needs and location.

Moving To The Treasure Coast

Welcome To Your New Home

Moving Out Of The Treasure Coast

Make it a Smooth Transition

For almost anyone changing homes and especially true for anyone changing cities there are always many questions. Indiantown Realty Corp. has been in business for nearly 40 years and our agents are experienced to ensure our clients have an smooth transition.

Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Relocation Expert

Corporate Relocation

We regularly work with corporate firms and Human Resource Directors helping employees with all of their real estate needs. Our dedicated relocation staff can support the new hire process. Whether it is a move to or from the The Treasure Coast area we are able to assist. We work with clients and match them with qualified real estate professionals all around the world.

Relocation Services

We are a full service real estate agency and offer select services or a full ‘white glove’ experience for clients.

  • Market Analysis of Home
  • Travel Reservations
  • Overnight Accommodations
  • Personal Tours
  • Home Showings
  • Mortgage Counseling Services
  • Interim Housing Assistance
  • Professional Photography for listings

Instead of going into a market completely blind, you can have the confidence of meeting with one of our agents whose professional reputation you can trust.

Moving to The Treasure Coast

Contact our Relocation Director to get properly matched with one of our agents.

Connecting to Real Estate Agents

We will interview you to acquire information about your needs and requests. We will match you with an agent who will be able to serve you the best based upon your interests.

Getting to Know the Area:

Our Realtors® know every city, street, and home in the area. We will answer your questions ranging from schools, neighborhoods, sports teams, arts organizations, religious community engagement, employers, fishing, farming and so much more.

Here’s a short video highlighting five new and exciting projects:



Moving out of The Treasure Coast

Contact our Relocation Director to get properly matched with one of our agents.

We make the process of moving easier as we can handle and manage all the steps necessary to make the move. Getting prepared to make your move is essential. Our realtors® are trained and prepared to manage the process.

Selling your real estate in Florida

The first step in transitioning is getting ready to sell your own home. Our agents are experts at getting the home ready to sell, knowing where to spend the quality time and energy to get the return on investment.

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